Who are we?


 Sabor Sabor  Mexico-Dutch  company  dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of  the Mexican cuisine and its culture  in the Benelux region,  has a gastronomic business to disseminate the true flavors from Mexico, is associated of SAM in the European Union, is the organization who promote the certification of  the authentic cuisine  in the Mexican restaurants in EU ,  Sabor Sabor is  promoter of creation of the  Association of the Mexican Restaurants and the Mexican Gastronomic Food Business in the Benelux region,  AMR Benelux and MGFB Benelux .










Liz Derflingher de Fernandez  who have started this project, which exceeds the bases of a business with a projections of a gastronomic movement of a  culinary – cultural promotion of the true flavors of Mexico , Is a Culinary Artist , since early age  5 years olds she be  a passionate of the fires  legacy learned by his Nani and its family,  special its paternal grandmother, begin  an attraction of management flavors and textures in the cuisine where in a variety of dishes can  expressed unique flavors and color, and above all that their dishes give an impact in view of their hosts, she  place in two cafes restaurants in Mexico which was owner and also in  multiple experiences of events and festivals, his passion for cooking and  for its roots, have currently been on 2008 to create  an entire project and dissemination of real Mexican in this region of the Benelux, so-called Sabor Sabor, It carrier  in international business as well as its involvement in family art glass business and  Mexican Art  & Craft sector,  movement to generated projects with a continue complementing of both professions, experiences and activities, always giving emphasis on all their projects to the food sector with cultural heritage,  is currently doing an research in the sector of Mexican restaurants and its supplied, and the  integration of two books  where share these experiences,  one of them is How to set up a real Mexican Restaurant in the World and the second is study on The Mexican Restaurant the promote  channel of the development exporters of the Mexican SMEs .

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