Mexican Cuisine Work Shops 2015

You’ve always desired cooking Mexican food, and to prepare a full course Mexican meal  lunch or dinner but didn’t have that special recipe nor the secrets to it’s preparation? And in special in the Netherlands , Well this Work Shop  will give you the tips and steps to learn while having a very enjoyable time  with .



Mexican cuisine is  so extensive and richest with diverse  dishes and traditions al around  all the country,  we have chosen in the initial Work Shop  an Basic Menu,  that will allow you to introduce  and know the flavors  of Mexico, it include the preparation of 5 essential  dishes with its recipes and the selection of the ingredients,  all of it  make for you easy to continue cooking by your own.


This totally unique experience with Mexican Cuisine upon arrival, will lead you into the art and wonders of cooking fine Mexican traditional cuisine. You will have team work area, with all ingredients and utensils ready for you to learn the secrets on how to prepare and serve some of the most delicious recipes from one of the best Gastronomy of the Word,  This Cuisine is recognized and award-winning cuisine in the world by UNESCO as intangible heritage of humanity.

Our  Cook Chef will assist you every step of the way and answer questions you might have. He’ll let you into some of the finer secrets on Mexican Traditional food preparation.

Once food preparation has been completed, all participants we’ll be served their own creations accompanied by  Margarita Cocktail ( Optional) Mexican atmosphere.

After you have tasted your own creations, and having a  great time  interaction with all the participants  at the finish of the program  you newly learned recipes that will be taken comfortably back to your Home to share a greet Mexican cuisine Menu with friends and family 


Sabor Sabor have WORK SHOPS for parties, birthdays and team building work  and  other programs  specialized courses, as well as a variety of other Mexico food  regions and festivity  dishes , be sure to ask for them  after having had this  great experience full of flavors and colors, Let us inform you about our CATERING AND PARTY SERVICE and FOOD PACKAGES.

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