In Mexican cuisine there is a trilogy of ingredients that are highlighted in most of its dishes, creating delicious flavors and this is the case of the maize and the bean, their varieties allows even multiply their presentations, thereby giving a gastronomic world unique, which is present in each of the kitchens of Mexico.

Maize from pre-Hispanic times, is more than an ingredient in Mexican cuisine, this has been part of the lives of rural people, especially many of them became a holy symbol of welfare and food, example is “The Feast of Maize” celebration in the Veracruz  saw one of the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

We invite you to enjoy this Mexican gastronomy experience here in Holland, next Friday 23 March in the city of Rotterdam, as part  of the program Mexican Cuisine  2012 in Rotterdam, the event is “The Corn and The Bean” Reservations required, 17:00 to 23:00 hr Hours, Location: Tapasbar – Eetcafé ‘t Filiaal,Keizerstraat 168, 3011 GH, Rotterdam, Nederland, Info and reservations via Mail: and Mobil (31)0634848336  


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