“Luxury Mexican TACO PARTY Pack”
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€180  -/-  50%
à €90

Price  € 15 p.p.  

Pack by 6-8 Persons

Enjoy a Mexican party with 23 elements, for a great taste and good atmosphere,

eating delicious flavors  with a  nice presentation and colorful decoration.

The 23 items are: 14  Traditional  Mexican Food  ( 7 dishes (500gr x pack)  2 Tortilla chips Nacho , 4 Hot Sauces, 1 Maiz Tortilla pack (20pc)  and 9 Party articles for serving the table and decoration.

“Luxury Mexican TACO PARTY Pack”

It included dishes of  authentic Mexican cuisine and party elements :

•             The snack  for beginning of your party and welcome to your guest

•             Collections of 7 dishes and 2 type of sauces

•             Authentic Mexican Maiz Tortilla (Like in the prehispanic times)

•             Plastic container for easy macro way warm op


•             Fresh and natural elements  to put in the dishes like the petersely and tomato slice to

make nice , color and look nice Mexican dishes

•             A  TIPS BROCHURE  of a Mexican TACO Party    How to do the party and present the plates

•             Delivery in a nice packaging