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 Program: Gastronomic Cycle of Mexican cuisine in the Netherlands 2012  Rotterdam, NL 

We invite you to assist to divers events  were you can fine  the flavors of the  Mexican, all of them will  brings you closer to the world of the cuisine, culture and traditions of  Mexico.

  Sabor Sabor the main promoter of  the Mexican cuisine in the Benelux, invited you  to atten .  Reserve your assistance

 The Program of the  Mexican cuisine in the Netherlands 2012

 In Rotterdam we present a monthly  program of  culinary events, where  will be tasting a variety of Mexican cuisine: Regions,  festivals and celebrations, these activities will take place at the second or fourth Friday of each month.

 Cheek the upcoming events in the Sabor Sabor calendar 2012! Location: Tapasbar – Eetcafé ‘t FILIAAL, Keizerstraat 168, 3011 GH, and Rotterdam, Netherlands Calendar 2012

 January  Salsas & Mole  “ Michoacán”  February Maya Flavors  March   The Maiz and The Bean  “ Veracruz”





 The  Program “Taste and traditions of Mexico”  And much more, will keep you inform

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