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Mexicana Gastronomy Consultan Proposal


Mexican restaurant

Is not one Mexico, there is many Mexico´s, the proposal of Sabor Sabor,  is to establish  a idea and  define a concept, combined to a thematic bases in the Mexican culture and traditions,  for develop a delicious and innovator menu,  with authentically and unique  flavors,  that matchless  in a atmosphere  of the total integration of the concept.



It is a rich country , with culture, traditions and customs, today MEXICO thematic is: fashion, tendency and business with profits ; Their roots and origins are diverse, all around its name and the earth that be establish give ideas match with a concepts, like the: Region, Historical times (Prehispanic  or contemporary), Artists, Beaches, Symbols, Cultures, Music, Materials, Ethnic groups, Art, Cinema, Expressions/Proverbs, History, etc., all of it sub thematic with different  lines to integrate an IDEA and  redefine or  establish your Mexican Restaurant.


European market and his tourism in thematic restaurants

European people is a cultured and exigent market, who want to fine in the collection of thematic restaurants an authenticity an innovated concepts, that represent a unique ideas, and when is associated in a specific thematic by a country they want taste true flavors tasting like be in its origin and with it get the imagines like being transported to a full atmosphere, of culture and tradition and with it give their senses seduced around the Mexico thematic

Development scheme where the Restaurant settles down

All the proposal turns around a Concept – and the Idea


Global proposal

In the integral proposal the coordination with the suppliers that handle the creative part and of development is included in: Menu, decoration, architectonic (remodeling) and graphic designer for the printed and visual elements, supply of furniture, the artists, the wall painting artist, election of service equipment , uniforms and the definition of the inauguration event, as base of future events, the honoraries  and the costs of elements and  services of each one are independent costs to this quotation.




What  we will do for you?


Start point

Menu Development and Design

Recipes development and supply

Tools and Equipment

Decoration and Ambient

Team Work

Marketing and promotion


It is a creative project which centralizes in an idea and  concept for  development of an innovating menu and the implementation  the atmosphere of the concept, having an impact in different creative areas one like:  Cook, service and attention clients area, decoration  and promotion, all this requiring to start off of a budget to connect concept-image under a plan cost benefit.


Information and apoitment